Tuesday, January 15, 2008

American Idol - Season 7 begins tonight!

Hi everyone, I'm a big fan of TV and American Idol is one of my favorite shows. Have been watching since the first one and my family and I always look forward to a new season beginning.

Word is that we will get to know the contestants like never before which can be a good or bad thing. Also, this is supposed to be a young group and supposedly the under 21 singers this season are supposed to be real good. Ryan also says that this might be the best looking bunch of contestants as well. We'll see! It all depends on who America votes in to the Top 12. I could do without all the bad auditions and giving some of the ruder auditionees TV time. I'd rather those 15 minutes of fame be given to other more deserving contestants but its all part of the drama that is American Idol. Should be interesting!