Wednesday, February 29, 2012

American Idol - the top 12 girls sing for votes!

So, tonight we got the Top 12 girls singing for America's votes and I was looking forward to it since I think the girls have the talent to end the 5 year reign of male Idol winners. Unfortunately, the judges were going to be more of a hindrance in helping this perception as they must've been spoken to or saw last night's performances and realized they didn't do enough critiquing and being honest. Anyway, the judges were a bit hard on the girls tonight which is something they didn't do the night before and that may give the initial perception to viewers/voters that the males are better. Randy did address this during the show and let the guys know that they were too light on them the night before and that they'll have to bring it if they make it. Hopefully, they'll try to right this judging because tonight they overcompensated for last night's lack of critiquing.

Anyway, enough of critiquing the critiquers! Lol.

Chelsea Sorrell went first and sang Carrie Underwood's "Cowboy Casanova". Tough singer to try to do. It was just ok. The judges weren't crazy about it. And so it began with the judges. Immediate difference in their approach.

Erika Van Pelt sang Heart's "What about love". It was good but just didn't seem to soar as she needed it to.

Jen Hirsh sang Adele's "One and only". Really nice but I was expecting more from her.
This is when Randy spoke out and said they were too easy on the guys last night. I guess he felt it needed to be said since it was so obvious.

Brielle Von Hugel sang Otis Redding's "Sitting on the dock of the bay". Started real rough but she brought it up and it came together nice. Her voice reminds me of last season's Haley Reinhart.

Hallie Day sang "Feeling good". She was really good. Best up to this point. I really like her and think she is a total package of looks and talent.

Skyler Laine sang "Stay with me" by Faces. I've been rather on the fence about her but she brought it tonight with really good vocals and I really loved her hi-energy performance. She was having lots of fun. That's how it should be.

Baylie Brown sang "Amazed" by Lonestar. It was a good, pretty version but rather safe and unspectacular. Not what she needed to do but hopefully she gets through. I'm a fan.

Hollie Cavanagh sang "My reflection" by Christina Aguilera. She was very good.

Haley Johnsen sang "Sweet dreams" by the Eurythmics. Just a really bad song choice. She worked hard to make something out of it but that song isn't going to work on a show like this unless you're Annie Lennox or Marilyn Manson. She said she wanted to always do this song but Idol is not the show to be indulgent on, especially when this is your first impression for votes. The judges didn't like it. Randy really hated it. Haley received the first real harsh critique of the season.

Shannon Magrane sang "Light your world" by Kathy Tricoli. Another indulgent song choice but at least it was a rather safe song choice. She showed good vocals.

Jessica Sanchez sang "Love you, I do". Ryan spoke to her beforehand and we were shown a video segment in which we were told how Jessica has had sore vocals and vocal problems all week. With that warning Jessica got on stage to perform. One thing that most people don't know is that a singer can sing sick, they just have to rely totally on technique to get through which can make for a long performance. But had we not been told of Jessica's troubles all week, no one would've been the wiser as she sounded great! The 16 year old schooled all the contestants on not only how to put on a performance but also how to rise above not feeling at your best. Bravo!!

One of my favorites, Elise Testone finished off the night by singing Adele's "One and only". Jen Hirsh had also sung this song earlier in the evening so this was a curious choice but Elise changed it up by playing piano to start off the song. She was very good! I just love the tones in her voice. She also reminds me of a makeup free Lady Gaga.

With time to fill, Ryan asked the judges who were the standouts of the night. Before the vote? I didn't think that was fair to the girls. The judges weren't asked to do this with the guys until tonight, after the votes have already been cast. Not cool. AI better get its act together because things like this sure cast a doubt on the credibility of the judges and the judging process. There's always been a little of the whole trying to guide the audience into voting a certain way but this year it's been more obvious and I don't think it's been purposeful. I think it's been a being unprepared thing with the judges. This has been my favorite assembly of judges but let's get it together Randy, Jen and Steve!

Who do I think gets in from the girls? Tough to pick 5 but IMO, I think Elise, Jessica and Hollie are locks. I hope Hallie, Skylar and Baylie make it too.

We'll find out in less than 24 hours!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

American Idol - the Top 13 guys sing

Finally, we get to the part where the singers are singing for America's votes. Time to get this competition out of the judges hands and into ours. I really liked the look of the new stage. Great new stage! It's a good thing that America begins voting now because the Judges decided that they would take the night off of judging and praise everything. Unfortunately, not everything tonight was praise worthy. Ryan let us know that the guys would sing tonight, the girls tomorrow and on Thursday the Top 5 guys & Top 5 girls would be announced along with each judge getting a wildcard pick so we'll have our Top 13 by Thursday night!! Whoa!

Reed Grimm went first with a jazzy version of Maroon 5's "Moves like Jagger" complete with drum/percussion solo? I didn't like it much.

Adam Brock did Aretha's "Think". He sounded good, his performance however was just ok.

Deandre Brackensick sang Earth, Wind & Fire's "Reasons". Great song! Good song choice for his voice but I found it just ok. I didn't really feel his falsetto and I found him too busy playing to the crowd instead of at America. I don't know how that will play out with viewers/voters at home.

Colton Dixon sang Paramore's "Decode"? He is way better than his performance tonight. I just didn't find it good at all.

Jeremy Rosado sang Sara Bareilles "Gravity". Very good!! He was the first real performance of the night. He was IN the song and IN the performance. Best of the night up to that point.

Aaron Marcellus sang Jackson 5's "Never can say goodbye". I didn't get his trying to skew younger look or song choice for the same reason. Not the song I wanted to hear from him. He could've picked a song that showed off his really good vocals better. He was still good but another song could've made him great tonight.

Chase Likens did Hunter Hayes' "Storm warning". Just ok, not on par with the original. Sounded like a karaoke version.

Creighton Fraker did Cyndi Lauper's "True colors". Really cool performance and vocals. He recieved some weird judge feedback though, almost as if they had counted him out and were surprised that he did so well.

Phil Phillips did Phil Collins' "In the air tonight". It was an interesting version. The judges actually were forced to give him some critique for it.

Eben Franckewitz sang Adele's "Set fire to the rain"? I really don't understand why so many of the guys decided to use female fronted songs tonight. If it was to not be judged against male singers then I find that just as strange. Anyway, he was pitchy and the vocals and performance were just ok. Someone must've spoken to the judges between commercials of the first few guys and told them to stop being audience members. The judges were a bit honest finally with Eben and told him he was pitchy, etc.

Heejun Han sang Jessica Simpson's "Angels". Yet another female fronted song and a top notch vocal song at that. He did do a nice solid version though. The judges were not crazy about his song choice. Simple, the guys need to stop with the female fronted songs!

Joshua Ledet sang yet another female fronted song, Jennifer Hudson's "You pull me through". However, I think Joshua can rock just about anything. As I expected he was very good. He can definitely sing!!

Finally we got to the mystery 13th singer and it turned out to be Jermaine Jones!!! Very happy for him and to see him get another opportunity. He sang Luther Vandross' tender song "Dance with my father". He was very good. He was teary eyed with the reception from the audience. I really like him and how he's so appreciative of everything. He was raised right. I hope he makes it.

Who makes it in from the guys? They were all good but considering how AI tried to guide viewers as to who their favorites should be I think that IMO, Joshua, Adam, Phil, Colton are the locks. I hope Jeremy and Jermaine find their way in as well. We'll find out Thursday!

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Voice - Last of the blind auditions

Tonight's Voice was the last of the blind auditions show! I love the first two rounds of the Voice with the blind auditions and the battle rounds (next week!!). These two rounds are what make the Voice so different from other shows and I really love it and the concepts behind it. Anyway, onto the contestants!

Whitney Myer did Alicia Keys' "No one". She has a good voice and a real cool look. All the coaches turned. Adam won.

David Dunn sang "The man who can't be moved". Before he went on we saw how he had an unsupportive dad who just seemed to care about his son working in the family business. A worthy opportunity I'm sure but he should support his son's dreams first and foremost. Just my opinion. He has a great voice and I was absolutely dumbfounded that no one turned.

The Shields Brothers did Billy Idol's "Dancing with myself". One sang and played guitar while the other rocked out and sang. I thought they were ok. Cee Lo turned.

Cheesa sang "If I were a boy" by Beyonce. She showed a real strong voice. Slightly pitchy though. Cee Lo turned.

Preston Shannon is a 64 year old making one last stab at the big time. Damn, I admire that! He sang "In the midnight hour" while playing some mean guitar. Unfortunately no one turned. It was real cool to see him with support backstage. It doesn't matter your age, you should always have someone pushing you towards your dreams.

Lex Land (cool name!) sang "I can't make you love me" by Bonnie Raitt. I absolutely love this song, so much so that you might be hearing me doing it real soon. ;) I thought she was nervous which made her pitchy... she was only ok IMO. All but Xtina turned. Blake won.

Cameron Novack was shown backstage and boy, was he sure full of himself. He surprisingly turned out to be a good vocalist. He sang "You oughta know" by Alanis Morrisette. I was surprised when no one turned and even more surprised by their reaction at his being a man. I didn't think his voice sounded feminine at all. Cee Lo regretted turning so he walked away with that.

Orlando Napier sang "Waiting on the world to change" by John Mayer. He had an old timey Ray Charles like voice which was really cool. Adam turned.

Lee Koch sang "Like a rolling stone". He has a very cool voice. Rocked the harmonica. Xtina turned. Adam wanted to but couldn't because his team was full.

Wade sang "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse. He did a cool R&B funk version of it. He has an old school soul voice. Cee Lo turned.

Adley Stump sang "Last name" by Carrie Underwood. She showed good, strong vocals that mask her relative self-professed inexperience. Blake & Xtina turned. Blake won.

Sera Hill sang "I'm going down". She was really good. She became Xtina's last team member.

Well, that's it. All 48 contestants have been picked and next week Team Adam, Team Xtina, Team Cee Lo & Team Blake go to battle. Can't wait!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

American Idol - Top 24 night 2

Back to seeing who the entire Top 24 is!

We're back to the emotional Adam Brock's decision time, he of course gets a yes!
Jeremy Rosado did a great last song and also got a yes, as did Shannon Magrane.
Scott Dangerfield was sent home.
We were shown more that didn't make it including Wendy Taylor. I hope she comes back next season, she showed a great voice in the few times we were shown her.
Skylar Laine got a yes as did Hallie Day, Aaron Marcellus, Chase Likens & Deandre Brackensick.
Gentle giant and self professed mama's boy Jermaine Jones was made to sweat it out almost all day only to be sent home. The poor guy was a mess. I really like him and feel he can be a great gospel or soul singer. I hope he tries out again next season or... more on that in a second.

That left 3 girls for 1 spot- Shelby Tweten, Ariel Sprague, Hollie Cavanagh. Hollie made it.
The final 2 guys were David Leathers & Eben Franckewitz. There was only 1 spot left. Eben made it.

But wait! We were told in an unprecedented move, AI would bring one of 4 male contestants (Jermaine Jones, David leathers, Richie Law or Johnny Keyser) as a 13th male contestant. AI would decide and we will find out next week. I hope it's Jermaine!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

American Idol - Deciding the Top 24

Tonight's show had the judges trying to get the Idols from 42 contestants down to the Top 24. This is a tough night where we some a lot of favorites make it while others get sent home at the last moment. Heartbreaking for sure, even dream breaking for some as some contestants inevitably question trying to achieve their dream. At least through Idol.

Jen Hirsh & Creighton Fraker made it into the Top 24. Deservedly so.
I was shocked that Lauren Gray didn't make it. This girl certainly has the voice, hopefully she can raise her confidence to the level of her talent. I hope she comes back next season.
It was a no-brainer to see Joshua Ledet make it.
We were then shown singers for the first time who didn't make it. We were seeing them now as they were sent home? That's just rude, they should've gotten a little TV time at least considering they were good enough to get this far. It would've been nice for their families to see and maybe to help inspire them as well.
Haley Johnsen made it but unfortunately Neco Starr was a no.
One of my favorites Elise Testone made it in. So did Reed Grimm.
Erika Van Pelt stumbled in her last performance but got a yes. As did Chelsea Sorrell and Baylie Brown.
The over-confident Richie Law got sent home but his former group-night mate Heejun Han got a yes.
16 year old Jessica Sanchez impressed me with the segment on how she wants to make ti so she can support her family who have supported her dream. That's a mature and noble reason for wanting to make it. She'll get her chance, she made it.
Phil Phillips got a yes, as did Colton Dixon who stood up for sis during his dedication to her at his last performance.
Despite her overbearing mom, Brielle Von Hugel got a yes.
An emotional Adam Brock was before the judges telling them how much music means to him. But we'll have to wait till tomorrow for the decision! C'mon now, how can they send him home? I predict he's in.

That ended the evening, it continues tomorrow as we'll find out who the entire Top 24 is!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Voice - Night 4 auditions

It's The Voice night. There's been lots of talent shown so far and tonight was no different.

First up was Ducky, yes DUCKy. He had an interesting look and a very good voice. All the coaches thought about it but no one turned which was a surprising start to the show. With remaining slots on each coach's team at a premium the coaches were being very particular of who they were choosing tonight.

Jonathas had a good R&B voice. Cee Lo & Xtina turned. Xtina won.

Monique Benabou had a good voice. Xtina turned for her upon Blake's recommendation that she could do a lot for her. I thought that was cool of him.

Street performer Naia Kete got her invite personally delivered by Carson Daly (who I must say really seems into it this season and has grown into his role) as she street performed. She has a really cool look and seems very humble. Blake & Cee Lo turned. Blake won another very interesting and strong voice to his team. He's in it to win it this season.

Erick Macek did a cool version of "Free fallin'" but no one turned.

Charlotte Sometimes went next. We were told how she endured and came back from a degenerative jaw disease that was eating away at her jaw. She has a cool voice. Her audition showed a lot of interesting note choices. All turned. Blake won.

Tony Vincent did "We are the champions". Really good voice. Cee Lo turned.

Anthony Evans had a nice voice. Cee Lo almost turned. Xtina turned and won.

Jamie Lono has a cool voice although he seemed really nervous. Adam & Cee Lo turned. Cee Lo won.

Dylan Chambers showed a really good voice but no one turned.

Justin Hopkins showed a cool voice. Cee Lo turned.

Nicole Galyon showed a good voice while she played the piano. Adam turned.

Soul singer Eric Tipton had a good voice but didn't show any range with his audition. No one turned.

Mathai was the last contestant of the night. She has a really good voice and lots of style and charisma while performing. All but Xtina turned. Adam won.

The teams are looking good. The battle rounds are going to be brutal. Can't wait!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

American Idol - the Vegas round

Tonight was the Vegas round where more hard cuts would be made.

We got to see that super tough Voice teacher Peggi Blu is back. Uh oh!! The drama is starting and the show hasn't even begun!!

This time there would be sudden death performing as the contestants would be told right after their song if they were staying or going. Kind of... more on that later.

After the group and solo rounds, there were now 70 contestants left.

This time they were doing 60s and 50s music in groups of 2-4, divided over 2 days.

There were too many to mention but I'll mention some notables:

Going home in this round - Ashley Robles, Jessica Phillips (her extreme bitterness at her being cut was extremely disappointing as it could turn off people who might've been interested in her), Mathanee Treco and Nick Boddington (which was a surprise as we had been shown nothing but good performances by him).

We were shown that Richie Law and Jermaine Jones had chemistry issues as they tried working together but in the end they worked it out and had a great duo performance.

We got our first listen at Wendy Taylor. All I have to say is WOW!

More cuts needed to be made with Day 1 contestants because of too many Day 2 contestants getting through was rather not fair. All day 1 contestants were brought out in an effort to get down to a top 40. They wound up with 42.

Favorites cut in this second round of Day 1 contestant cuts: Gabi Carruba, Skylar Dixon, Johnny Keyser, Jairon Jackson and surprisingly Britnee Kellogg who had received a lot of hype.

Next week is the real hard part - getting the final contestants that will get on TV for votes. Lots of talent this season. Will be tough to see some of these contestants go.

RIP Gary Carter

As a lifelong Mets fan, my heart is aching at the news of Gary's passing. Good bye "Kid". My prayers to his family. R.I.P. Gary Carter.

Just a personal note, the outpouring of love & respect for MJ, Whitney and now Gary is why I like twitter so much.

Goodbye to a GhostHunter

I was sad to read on Twitter that one of the founders of TAPS, Grant Wilson announced that he was leaving TAPS. I was happy to hear he's going to pursue other things close to his heart which is something one must always do. I met him and fellow TAPS co-founder Jason at a book signing in 2010 and they were both as cool and nice as can be. All my best wishes to him!

WrestleMania is coming to NY!

OMG! I can't believe that the rumors were true, it was announced officially today that WRESTLEMANIA 29 will be at MetLife Stadium! 70000 crazy NYers + WWE = priceless! It's going to be off the charts! I can't wait!

Now playing... Keith Urban

Now playing one of my favorite artists Keith Urban. Listening to his song, "Put you in a song". Rockin' romantic feel good music with lyrics dedicated to his wife Nicole Kidman. I'm a big fan of his voice and guitar playing. I like his rock/country/pop mix.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

American Idol - the dreaded Group night round

With 185 contestants still left with a chance, it was time for the dreaded Group night round. A round that usually ends with a lot of broken dreams. Tonight was no different as more favorites went home while others rose.

There were just too many to name so I'll stick with notable mentions.

The first favorite shown not to make it was Kyle Crews.

From the group Make you believers, Jackie fainted as she was walking to the stage to perform, she was not well at all as the bug that was going around caught up to her. Amy Brumfield forgot her words and her voice sounded tired. They choose Boston's "More than a feeling" as their song? With all those high notes, that was just a BAD choice. Amy was sent home.

We were shown that a lot of contestants were forgetting their lyrics which is never good and always seems to happen in this round.

From the group Area 451, Imani fainted while rehearsing. Another victim of the bug and dehydration going around the contestants. She was not doing well at all. She was a trooper though and made her way to the stage. She wound fainting on stage while performing. Luckily she was caught before she fell to the ground. Johnny Keyser made it through. The judges spoke to Imani to but wound up sending her home, in large part due to their concern over her health and safety since the pressure on the show only gets bigger from here. Hopefully she tries again next season.

Speaking of fainting, Symone who had ended a show with a fainting spell, was cut in this round.

The group MIT with cowboy dictator Richie Law, Heejun, Jairon Jackson and Phillip Phillips all made it through based on past performances. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Favorites that made it through - Hallie day and Elise Testone.

With the group night done, it was time for the solo round! 98 contestants were still remaining. No one would be told the results of the solo round until the end of day when they would be divided into groups of those moving on and those going home.

We were introduced to Joshua Ledet, he has a very good soulful voice. Definitely someone to look out for.

Colton Dixon played a Daughtry song on the piano and moved on.

Phillip Phillips played guitar and showed off his good voice.

We were introduced to Jen Hirsh. Holy moly! Amazing version of Georgia on my mind. Definitely top 12 material.

Shannon Grimm sang "Wonderful world", she was very good.

Reed Grimm's planned audition didn't go as planned as he was told he was not allowed to sing acapella. He had 30 min to get it together with the band. He got the vocal coach to help him but she spent way too much time trying to focus him. Then he began doubting being on Idol. He was very annoying and frustrating to those trying to help him. In the end he decides to play drums while singing. He did Georgia on my mind. After all the drama, he had a good audition.

Skylar Laine needed 3 IVs to help her rehydrate before performing. She did The Band Perry's "You lie". I'm a big TBP fan and I didn't like it but Steven did.

Rachelle Lamb did Miranda Lambert's beautiful song "The house that built me". She forgot the words and restarted. Her audition was ok.

Adam Brock did a very good rendition of "Georgia on my mind".

Time for decisions to be made:
4 rooms
Rm 1- lots of faves
Rm 2- lots of faves
Rm 3- lots of tension, this room was the only one cut.
Rm 4- some faves, some not shown to us yet. Made it through.

Headed to the Vegas round!! On the home stretch!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Voice - Night 3 auditions

Tonight was night 3 of the blind Voice auditions. There were some really good voices and performers tonight. This season looks to be highly competitive!

Sarah Golden went first. She had a nice voice, Cee Lo & Blake turned. Cee Lo won.

Elley Duhe was next. We saw that she has very supportive parents which is always a great thing. She has a good voice but still needs work. She picked a bad song to showcase her voice and style and unfortunately no one turned.

Next up was Pip. Yes, you read that right, his name was P-i-p, Pip! He was very good voice. All the coaches turned and fought for him. Adam won. I think that is a real good fit for both.

Next was Erin Willet who we saw had great support from her dad. Unfortunately we also found out that he was suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She showed a real strong voice with lots of style. Blake only turned. I was happy for her that she got to share a success with her Dad since I recently read that was the last performance he would see as he has since passed away. :(

David Grace sang Sweet Home Alabama which is a really tough song to do since you have to do something different with it to make it stand out from all the high profile versions out there. Unfortunately he just had an ok audition. No one turned although Blake almost did.

Katrina Parker showed off a very good voice and a special quality to her tone and phrasing. Surprisingly, only Adam turned.

Geoff McBride showed he had a good voice and performing style. Xtina & Cee Lo turned. Xtina won.

I didn't like Erin Martin's voice. Just not my preference but Blake & Cee lo turned. Cee Lo won.

James Massone has an interesting voice. All but adam turned. Cee Lo won.

Winter Rae (awesome name!) has a tattooed rocker look but is an R&B singer which is quite interesting. Unfortunately she didn't make a good song choice to show her range. No one turned.

Chris Cauley did an ok audition of Bruno Mars' Grenade but Cee Lo & Adam turned. Adam won.

Then we got some quick auditions and who the coaches picked. Nathan Parrett got Adam as his coach. Brian Fuente got Blake. Moses Stone, the first MC to tryout got Xtina to coach him. That should be interesting.

The last contestant of the night was Jordis Unga. I was a big fan of hers when she was a contestant on Rock Star INXS. She looked different but she still has that great voice. I was really happy to see her in the spotlight again. Blake won her on his team.

Great night of singing and talent!

RIP Whitney

I still am trying to process this. Whitney Houston's voice has been silenced. We will never hear her sing again and that makes me immensely sad. She had one of the purest yet strongest voices of all time. What a gifted and blessed voice. A voice that inspired millions around the world to sing, to have as their wedding songs, to have as part of the soundtrack of their lives.

My heart breaks for her daughter Bobbi Kristina, her mom Cissy and her ex Bobby Brown. If we her fans are so heartbroken, I can only imagine how her family and friends feel. My prayers go out to them.

I spent Sunday morning playing her music so that my daughters (who knew some of her music) could hear more of her music and truly understand why the world is mourning the loss of Whitney and her God blessed voice.

I knew watching the Grammys would be especially emotional but I really felt that LL Cool J did a great job balancing the emotions of the evening. His prayer for Whitney was very touching. I absolutely loved Jennifer Hudson's song tribute and it was so classy and well done by the Grammys.

Whitney may be gone from us forever but we are blessed to have her musical legacy to always remember her and her voice by. RIP Whitney.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grammy night!

Tonight was music's biggest night, Grammy Awards night! With the sadness over the passing of Grammy legend Whitney Houston, this Grammy Awards night promises to be an emotional affair.

I was watching the Red Carpet pre-show on the E channel and got sad with the touching interview with Kelly Price about Whitney. Rihanna looked amazing on the E Red Carpet.

LL Cool J was the host and began the show with a beautiful prayer. He delivered the prayer & introductory speech with the right mix of emotions for the evening.

I loved Rihanna's performance. Love her new look!

Score 1 for recording old school garage band style. Great advice by Dave Grohl!

Glen Campbell sounded great. Such a courageous display of defiance to such a horrible disease and fate that awaits him. I hope that a cure is found for Alzheimers soon. His song "Rhinestone Cowboy" reminds me of my mom. She loved that song.

Jennifer Hudson gave us a beautiful Whitney Houston tribute and a Grammys moment we will never forget.

I really dig the whole visual with Deadmau5. The ceylon mau5 was VERY cool!

Nicki Minaj ended the night with a performance that was high concept and very theatrical. I liked it.

Great ending to the Grammys, its music helped heal us a little tonight. I hope it helped Whitney's family heal a little bit too. I'm sure she was there in spirit enjoying all the love shown to her. RIP Whitney.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Music video taping

Dreamers y sonadores,

Snow. At the beach in the winter. Priceless. I was filming scenes for my music video for my single "Que Sera" earlier today. That was cool. That it snowed during the scenes was a really nice touch by Mother Nature to fit in with the lyrics. I hope you all can see it in the video. The scenes look really cool so far. Can't wait for you to see the finished product!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

American Idol - Hollywood night 2

Night 2 of Hollywood week. Tonight we got the conclusion to the scary fall and the beginning of the Group night. I don't know which one had more drama!

I was glad to see that Symone was ok after her scary fall. She got dehydrated and it cost her at the most inopprtune time. Luckily, she had already auditioned and made it through in the judge's views.

Group night begins! This is the notorious contestant killer as many can't adjust to working with others and personalities clash.

Half of the contestants will be gone after the Group night. Yikes! To up the ante, this year they introduced new rules! Double yikes!! Lol.

Amy Brumfield was very sick with a fever and weakness but eventually found the strength to go look for a group. She found one with Cop girl Alisha. Alisha wasn't willing to compromise and wound up losing her group!

Symone came back from the ER and seemed to find a group pretty fast which was good to see.

We got to see Jennifer and Briana of the Bettys come together as a group. That was cool to see. And they got to go first!! But we will have to wait till next week to see that. :/

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

American Idol - Hollywood week night 1

Time for Hollywood!! This and the singing for votes are my favorite parts of the whole audition process. This is when it starts to get intense and boy did it! Some favorites stumbled and some were sent home while others rose and shined.

They started with groups of 10. Half of the contestants were slated to go home on day 1! Wow! Intense.

I found Johnny Keyser way too confident but he made it through. On the flipside was Heejun Han who once again lacked confidence. He gave a good audition though and made it through as well.

I was happy to see Baylie Brown and Hallie Day make it through.

We were introduced to Jen Hirsh who has a really good voice.

I was happy to see Lauren Gray make it through although I didn't think her audition lived up to my prediction of being the winner.

Phillip Phillips had an ok audition and I was a bit surprised that he made it through. Reed Grimm had a weird audition, it was very indulgent. His vocal sounded good though.

Fellow Bronx resident Travis Orlando only had an ok audition. I was surprised that he didn't get through though.

I was shocked to hear that Ramiro Garcia was sent home, I had him as a top 2 contender based on his initial audition. I was sad to see Jason "Wolf" Hamlin go home.

We were introduced to Adam Brock who showed a real soulful voice.

Jane Carrey had a real bad song choice and was sent home.

Shannon Magrane had a good audition, made it through. David Leathers had a very good audition.

Jessica Phillips rocked it. I was happy to see her fiance with her.

Erika Van Pelt had a good audition. I didn't like Creighton Fraker's audition but he made it through.

Aaron Marcellus had a real good audition. Lauren Mink though had a bad audition.

We were introduced to Jeremy Rosado who was very very good.

Then there was Symone Black. Her audition was very good and she was obviously going to make it through but as the judges spoke to her, she stumbled and fainted off the stage!! That's how the show ended?! What a cliff-hanger! That was a scary fall, hope she's ok. We'll have to tune in tomorrow to see what happened.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Voice - night 2 of auditions

Night 2 of The Voice auditions was just as good as last night's post-Superbowl edition.

Hailey & Leland, known as the duo "the Line" went first. They have good voices. All 4 judges turned. Xtina won yet another contestant. She's on a roll.

We got Bronx resident Jamar Rogers' backstory and he's had a rough life but is trying to rise above his past. He has a good voice. Only Cee Lo turned but that was all he wanted as he was a very big fan of Cee Lo's.

Neal Middleton went next. He had a familiar theme on this show where a lot of singers come on here as a last chance or validation of their talent after sacrificing for so many years without breaking through. Unfortunately, that's an all too true reality of trying to make it in music BUT you must, NEVER, NEVER, EVER give up! He had a real cool look and a good voice. No one turned for him which made me sad. I can understand their critique that he sounded like he was turned up to 10 the whole song though. I hope he doesn't stop, he does have talent.

Another singer that had been previewed in commercials was next. Gwen Sebastian did Sugarland's powerful song "Stay". Again, we got another backstory of how much she has sacrificed for her art, even waiting on starting a family. You do what you must to follow your dream. She has a nice voice (although I was expecting more based on what I had heard in the commercials). She is a real sweet girl and her desire is evident so I'm glad that all except Xtina turned for her. Being a country girl, she went with the obvious and Blake won.

50 year old Kim Yarbrough was next. She does not look her age and her mentality definitely feels that age is only a number. I loved her attitude and spirit. She has a very good voice and it was no wonder that Xtina & Adam turned and fought for her. Adam won. Strong win for his team.

Ex-soldier Angie Johnson was next. She did Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker" which isn't an easy song to do. She was very good and has a great look as well. She has the total package and can go very far in this even if she doesn't win. Surprisingly only Cee Lo turned based on her voice. She's definitely a strong member to his team.

I really liked Lindsey Pavao's voice and vibe, she did a very creative interpretation of the song she chose. All except Adam turned, Xtina won her to her team.

Jermaine Paul was next. I thought he was good. Blake and Cee Lo turned for him, Blake won.

Angel Taylor was last on the show. Her backstory was of a hard life. She sang Adele and showed a good voice. Everyone except Xtina turned for her, Adam won.

The Voice is back! Night 1 of auditions!

The first episode of the new season of the Voice premiered right after the Superbowl, talk about a ratings lead-in!

Before I go on, although I'm a NY Jets fan I did root for the hometown Giants in the Superbowl. Great game, that ending was intense!! Also, on a side note - I'm more of a baseball fan so I usually watch the Superbowl for the half-time show and the commercials. Madonna totally rocked it. She still has it and looked great. I found the Doritos and M&Ms commercials funny and was mesmerized by the Avengers trailer. CAN'T WAIT!!!

Ok... back to The Voice...

I thought RaeLynn was good and had a nice look. Adam & Blake turned for her, Blake won the first contestant of the new season.

Like Javier Colon last year in the commercials, I found myself wanting to see single dad Jesse Campbell's audition based on the preview in the commercial. He's 42 and has had it real rough but yet hasn't given up on his dream. I totally admire that and his spirit. He has an amazing voice. All the judges turned and Xtina won which I thought was a perfect fit.

Daniel Rosa went next. He was lacking confidence and I worried what would happen if he didn't do well. He has a nice voice but his nerves were definitely showing through. His lack of confidence didn't help him and it didn't help that as he kept singing no one turned for him. I didn't like that the coaches didn't have any critique for him until he decided to step up and ask for some. It takes a lot of guts to do what he did and I hope he continues working on his voice and confidence. I hope he doesn't give up on his voice.

Rocker Juliet Simms was next. I liked her style and the raspiness in her voice. Everyone but Blake turned for her and while I thought she would go with Adam, she went with Cee Lo.

Classical singer Chris Mann was next and he has a very strong voice. Cee Lo & Xtina turned for him. I like what they asked him and I liked his answer that he just wants to be himself after years of trying to fit his voice into a box. That's what shows like this can do. Expose non-mainstream voices to the mainstream and establish a new mainstream. I'm glad Xtina won because they will make a good fit.

Former Mickey Mouse Club member Tony Lucca went last. He was a castmate of Xtina's and she didn't seem to recognize him or if she did, she played it professionally and didn't say anything until backstage when she sought him out. Anyway, I thought he has a really good voice. All the judges turned for him. Adam won his first contestant of the season.

Good strong opening to the first night of the Voice! Can't wait to see more.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday. I don't watch much football. At least not as much as I watch wrestling, baseball, Nascar or MMA but I do watch the Superbowl.

But first the day begins with the Animal Planet's Puppybowl! Watched it with my girls and had fun making tweets about it. Lol.

I must confess that I watch the SuperBowl more for the commercials & halftime performances.

So here are my thoughts on that:
Sasha Baron Cohen's movie trailer for "The Dictator" was funny!
The Doritos commercials were all entertaining.
Madonna's halftime performance showed she's still got it! She looked and sounded great. The bleachers dance was cool! Great song choices and I loved the big ending!

A good night of TV was capped off with the Giants winning the SuperBowl! Congrats to Big Blue!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Video storyboarding!

Hey Dreamers y sonadores!

I'm working on video storyboards today! This is a fun first part in making a music video where we map out the scenes and ideas to the music & lyrics. You get to see how many seconds you have for each scene and how it will all flow together before actually filming any of it. Then when it comes time to shoot the video you have this roadmap to follow and know which scenes to shoot first or which scenes can be shot together, etc. It's all part of the creative process of making a music video! :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

American Idol auditions end in St Louis

Tonight we got the final auditions before heading to Hollywood next week. Good thing, I didn't find these auditions matching the pre-season hype of what to expect. Sure there were some very good singers and I'm sure there are plenty more we haven't been shown until Hollywood week. Just didn't find these 1 hour audition shows all that enthralling as I usually do. However, there were some good singers today. Here are my thoughts on the notables:

Johnny Keyser has a good voice and look.

Divorcing mom Rachelle Lamb has a good voice. I'm glad she's back to pursuing her dream. No one should hold another back from their dreams. That's not love.

Reis Kloeckener told his story of how he was a bullied kid. Nice to see him going for his dreams. He has a nice voice.

Ethan Jones told us of his Dad who is in rehab trying to get his life together. He has a good voice.

Lauren Gray went last and she is a cute & sweet girl. Her voice grabbed me. From all the contestants we were shown in the auditions I pick her as a Top 2 contender and maybe even the winner. I was obviously very impressed with her.

Next week, Hollywood!! I've read that this season's Hollywood week is crazy, with contestants even fainting from the pressure. We were shown a preview clip and saw some of that. It's going to get crazy, hopefully some of the favorites can rise above it and make it through. Good luck to them all, looks like they're going to need it!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

American Idol auditions from Portland, OR

Tonight was another AI auditions night, this time from Portland.

There were some good singers from these auditions but I wish we were shown more good singers. Here are some of the notables.

Brittany Zika has a very good voice and a cute look.

Self professed 6'8" mama's boy Jermaine Jones had a real nice baritone voice. Really nice guy too, a real gentle giant. I hope he goes far.

Britney Spears lookalike Britnee Kellogg had a good voice and since I'm a Britney Spears fan, I obviously thought she had a good look. ;)

We got a sad backstory on Romeo Diahn from Liberia. It's good for shows like AI to show what people of other countries go through in their quest for freedom and a normal life. Things that are taken too much for granted sometimes in our country. He had a very nice world music type voice. I don't think he'll go far in Hollywood but sometimes just that validation is all the motivation you need to continue to reach for your dreams.

Naomi Gilles did Aerosmith's "Cryin" which isn't an easy song to sing. She showed a real strong voice.

Jessica Phillips was shown to us last. She had a very sad story of her boyfriend having a stroke at a very young age. It was also a very touching love story of them staying together and trying their best to work through it and being there for each other. I wanted her to get through to Hollywood and she did but I wonder what the pressures of Hollywood will do to the relationship? Hopefully it'll only make them stronger. I found that she sounds like Mary J and picked a perfect song to audition with.

RIP Don Cornelius

I was sad to hear about the passing of Don Cornelius today. I remember watching Soul Train growing up for the music and the latest dance moves. He created an institution and legacy with Soul Train out of $400 and a dream. RIP Don.