Friday, July 8, 2011

The space shuttle's last flight

Today the space shuttle Atlantis took off on its final flight and mission. I watched the launch and flight into space with a taste of bittersweet. It is always amazing to watch one of man's greatest accomplishments, to launch a vehicle into outer space but this was also sad to watch knowing it was the very last space shuttle flight. I've always been a big fan of NASA and am a big believer that man should continue its exploration of space and finding better ways to get farther out into the galaxy. It's man's destiny to go beyond Earth. It angers me that the government and NASA have shut down the space shuttles without any replacement vehicle in the near future. I understand that the shuttles are old and need to be replaced but how can they shut them down and decommission them without having a system ready to go? Just seems short-sighted to me. I also think that having our astronauts shuttled to and from the space station via russian rocketships as something that shouldn't be happening. I hope NASA shows a better plan for the future.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Big news on my single & album!


Today my record label World Conquest Records announced that my single "Que sera" will be released on July 15th and also released the CD covers for my single and upcoming album "El Camino Espiritual"! Go to now to go see them and to pre-order my CD single now!

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