Friday, January 28, 2011

American Idol auditions hit Music City (Nashville)

Well, last night we saw AI auditions from Nashville and I was expecting lots of great talent from there since Nashville is to aspiring musicians what Hollywood is to aspiring actors. Frankly, I came away disappointed by the talent that showed up. Thankfully, it was not a total loss as there was some really good talent so we didn't have quantity in great singers from Nashville but we did have quality.

Some of the notables:

Scott Bolin had a real nice voice, as did Chelsee Oaks.
Ms. Teen USA Stormi Henley obviously had the looks and a nice voice to match. The judges weren't totally convinced on her voice though, saying it was the smallest voice they've let go to Hollywood but they did send her on though.
Adrienne Beasley had a real nice story of love and color-blindedness as she is african-american but was adopted and raised by an elderly white couple. She has a real nice voice but needs some work to get consistency in her voice.
Jackie Wilson and Jimmie Allen both had nice voices.
Matt Dillard had a real nice story of how his family has raised over 700 foster children over the past 20 years. That's awesome. Everyone should know the love of a family. I was happy to hear that he had a real nice tone to his voice that matched his personality.
Then there was the Kelly Clarkson of the auditions - Laura Alaina is a supersweet young girl with a big heart and although she seemed unassuming and even shy about her talent, once she opened her mouth to sing her personality and voice shone through. This girl can go all the way if she gets through Hollywood and believes in her talent. I just hope that the nice girl can get through Hollywood week. I'm rooting for her!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

American Idol auditions in Wisconsin

Last night we saw AI auditions from Wisconsin and the talent there was very good, especially the younger talent. I was very impressed by not only the singers but by their stories of desire and adversity.

We started off the auditions by hearing Scotty McCreery. A 16 year old aspiring country singer who had a nice baritone country voice. I just wonder how he would be able to adapt to other styles like AI requires.

Next we saw Emma Henry and her story of travelling all the way from Colorado for the audition and how she's wanted this all her young life. Real nice girl with a cool look. I loved her raspy-ish voice and all the character it had in it. She had to fight to be given a chance but I was happy to see her get her golden ticket to Hollywood. I hope she surprises the judges and prove them wrong that Hollywood would be too much for her.

We saw Naima Adedapo's story of how much she wants to be a singer and how she dreams of it while working at a local arena. I can totally relate to her as that's how I think most singers (myself included) feel when we go to concerts, etc. I really loved her look and felt her desire. LOVED her voice! Definitely a favorite and another I can see in the Top 12 this season.

Jerome Bell sang and he has a good voice but I felt he was a little too all over the place with his vocal performance.

This Megia had a real nice look and sweet personality and had an outstanding voice. I wonder if she was just mimicking Adele with the Adle song she chose though or if she can do that with other songs too? We'll find out in Hollywood.

Harvard grad / White House Intern Molly DeWolf Swenson had a funny story of Randy accidently popping her in the mouth as he ran in giving everyone high fives. He totally missed her hand and pooped her in the mouth and didn't even know he did it! Lol. Somehow I knew this multi-talented girl could sing and sing she could, I really liked the smokiness to her voice. Nice!

Day 2 brought us:

Haley Reinhart who had auditioned and not made it last year. Well, she put in the work and gave a strong audition to get herself to Hollywood. Pretty girl.

Tiwan Strong had a real nice style to his voice and a real cool vibe. The real show though was when he ran outside to celebrate with his family/friends and one of them stole his moment because she got a charly horse! LOL!!!! My family and I were dying at how his moment was stolen by Ms. Charley Horse and how he kept trying to celebrate only to keep being interrupted by her screaming about her charly horse! We rewinded it on our DVR, we saw that his family were rolling their eyes at her as if she does this all the time! Too funny!! My daughter went on Twitter and saw that charley horse was trending. I guess everyone else found it funny too! :D

The singing accountant Steven Beghun got through to Hollywood but I didn't really get his voice.

Unassuming Scott Dangerfield had a real nice that was unexpected.

Steven Tyler fan Alyson Jados gave a good audition with her cool rocker vibe.

The last story and singer of the night was totally heartbreaking. We saw and heard Chris Medina's story (complete with video of the day he proposed) of how his fiancee was in a car accident 2 months before the wedding and suffered a life-changing brain injury. She's now in a wheelchair and to his credit, he is standing by her and helping her mom take care of her. He still is hoping for the wedding he planned with her. Totally heartbreaking. :(
He has a real nice voice and made it to Hollywood. Helluva guy I must say. The judges asked him to bring his fiance into the room so they could tell her he made it. Very touching.

Snowed in!

Hi from snowy NY!! Man, have we been hit hard this winter by old man winter! Last night we got 12 inches of snow and its the 4th snowstorm we've had this winter of 4 inches or more. I don't mind though, I love the snow. Love to see it fall and love to see it make everything look nice and pretty. So, I'm loving it and not complaining. :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

American Idol auditions hit New Orleans!

Yesterday the auditions hit New Orleans and the talent was hot! The more I see of Randy, Steven and Jennifer - the more I like this cast of judges! I really see them seeing these hopefuls as they once saw themselves and the show seems to have a lot more heart to it. Steven and Jennifer are bringing out the best in Randy as well. Can't say I miss Simon one bit. Nope, not one bit. IMO, this is how you talk to and relate to hopefuls putting themselves out there and laying their hearts and dreams on the line.

Ok, enough about the judges. Let's move on to what this show is all about. The singers that will compete to be our newest American Idol. I really liked a lot of the singers from the NJ auditions but I wonder how they will do in Hollywood. I must say that I felt that the New Orleans group (37 made it to Hollywood!) seem more focused, mature and ready for Hollywood week and beyond. I have some real favorites from this group.

First up was Jordan Dorsey - a piano teacher who carries himself with maturity and confidence. He had a real good voice and as of right now I would place him in the Top 12.

Sarah Sellers - had an interesting look with the glasses and a real nice voice.

I found Jovany Barreto to be overconfident in his looks and ability. He has a good powerful voice but something about him put me off to him. I did like his Luis Miguel rendition. I give him credit though for taking his moment in front of JLo to tell her how big an admirer he is of her.

I liked Jacqueline Dupree's look and personality and wow, what a voice! She is a definite contender.

Brett Loewenstern was a nice surprise. We got a background story on him and how he was bullied and picked on when he was younger and how he eventually accepted himself. It was a wonderful message of anti-bullying and of self-acceptance that I feel is important in today's world. By the time he got to the audition, I was rooting for him to be able to sing well and I was not disappointed. He got his golden ticket to Hollywood and I'll be rooting for him all the way. He seems like a gentle soul that could do a lot of good for his fans through his music. Go Brett!

15 year old Jacee Badeaux had a voice that reminded me of Justin Beiber and he seems like a real nice kid. He sure represented well for the young singers! Hopefully he can do well during Hollywood week and not get eaten up by it.

The final audition got me real good. I totally felt Paris Tassin's story and love for her child. I also felt her desire to do better for herself to help her child. I was soooooo rooting for her to be able to sing well and not only can she sing well but she took on Carrie Underwood's emotional song "Temporary Home". She totally sold me on her and I will be a fan of hers with whatever she does after AI. I feel that a lot of us will be following her post-Idol music career as well, as right now I have her as a Top 3 contender and my favorite contestant so far.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Idol 2011 - New judges & hopefuls!

Finally! American Idol is back and I for one love the new judging panel. You have the Rock Icon, the Pop Star and the Producer - 3 judges that totally get and understand what these singers are going through by putting themselves out there to be critiqued. It really showed. The show seemed warmer and just better overall. The judges critique was very constructive, not only for those auditioning on the show but also to those aspiring singers out there watching. I found the chemistry between the 3 judges very good. Tyler showed that he can be harsh and also can be swayed if someone showed him the desire. JLo showed a soft side that I liked, even when the singer needed to do something other than try to sing as a career.

The NJ auditions brought it. With talent from nearby states NY, PA, etc., they wound up sending 51 singers to Hollywood. Could an Idol finally come from the NorthEast? Time will tell.

Of the singers we saw:
Rachel Zevita has a good look and attitude but I found her voice a bit quirky.
Caleb Hawley has a really good voice but I'm interested to see what he can do with other styles.
Kenzie Palmer has a great voice! Only 15? Wow, I was impressed. She was real cute.
Then there was Tiffany Rios. The girl has a very good voice but she needs to tone down her wannabe Snooki personality down if she wants to make it not only into the top 12 but just in general. She was too way over the top and too focused on her big bodyparts. Hard to take her serious when she isn't doing the same. JLo tried to convey that to her, we'll find out in Hollywood if she got the message.
Robbie Rosen had a great story and I really liked his desire and attitude. Really nice voice and performance. He has a lot of potential.
I found Ashley Sullivan's voice only ok but she won me (and the judges) over with her unbridled enthusiasm and desire. I really felt how much she wanted it and I think she made the judges remember how much they wanted it when they started.
Victoria Huggins was very cute and bubbly. Great positive personality and nice voice. I wonder how she'll do in Hollywood. I think Hollywood will be too much for her. I hope she proves me wrong though.
Day 1 ended with Melinda Ademi and I really liked her parent's story of leaving Kosovo and how America was their golden ticket. Really nice. For how much some people talk about our country, it is stories such as these that show us how good we have it here and how much opportunity, hope and freedom is here for people of other countries. Melinda had a really nice look and voice. I'm happy she made it through to Hollywood.

Day 2 of the NJ auditions brought us:
Waitress Devyn Rush who had a real nice voice but I agree with the judges that she needs an image makeover to look the part that her voice presents.
I really liked Briell Von Hugel's story of her and her Dad (and his battle with throat cancer). Their closeness reminded me of me and my daughters. I really liked her voice and she has a nice sweet look. I'm rooting for her!
The show ended with local Bronx boy Travis Orlando. He obviously has had a rough childhood (although I think it represented the Bronx in a rather bad light but that's his story and journey, not mine) but it has molded him into a mature kid. I like how well spoken he was and how he portrayed himself. He has a very good voice and his voice and look reminded me of Bruno Mars which is a rather good person to be compared to!

I look forward to tonight's auditions from New Orleans!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lead vocals for my album are done!

I finished recording all the lead vocals for my album today! Still have background vocals to do but the major part of the recording work is DONE!! My first single off the album will be out next month if all goes well! Am excited! Can you tell? Lol. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A simpler name for my Facebook page!

Guess what? You have to wait to get 25 people liking your FB fans page before you can make an official name change to it and now that I'm over 25 people liking my page I made the change. So my page's url is now a more simpler and more personal one - Mario.elRockero :)

Easy to remember and easy to tell people about so tell your friends about it! ;)

Now you know!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Let's go Jets!!

I'm rooting for the NY Jets to win this weekend. I'm not the biggest football fan, more like a casual fan but the Jets are my favorite team. Mets and Jets are my favorite NY teams! I'm a big baseball fan and also MMA and Nascar and that's where I put most of my fandom to but this weekend I'll be rooting on for the Jets to win and move on towards the SuperBowl! J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!!! ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Year's blog resolution

New Year, time for a resolution... although I have some personal ones, I'll share my big resolution for this blog. My resolution is (drum roll) to blog more in 2011! Between MySpace, Twitter and Facebook, I've been so much in contact with you all that I have neglected my blog :(

I must say that I do a lot of thoughts, etc. on Twitter so if you've been following me there then you've probably been keeping up well with me. BUT this allows me more than 140 characters per posting so I'll expand my thoughts on here more this year. :D

So besides all those other sites where you can read more about me and hear from me, you'll have lots more on this blog to read in 2011! With everything I have planned for this year with my music, there'll be plenty of blogging from me in here this year! Hope you enjoy them all!