Thursday, February 24, 2011

American Idol - Final picks for the new season!

Over the past 2 nights we got to see some more performances from favorites doing Beatles songs and final solos. Some soared to new heights and some failed :(

First we got to see the vocal coach from hell. I know that Idol wants these singers to do good and to see if they can handle the pressure but a vocal coach should be stern but nuturing. No need to tear these youngsters down with crude comments. Their confidence is already shaky as is. Since they showed her as the vocal coach from hell, I hope they realized that she isn't the type of coach needed for this job in the future.

First, we got to see the contestants in Vegas doing Beatles tunes. Here are my thoughts on some of my favorites:

Pia Toscano & Karen Rodriguez - very good
Naima Adedapo, Haley Reinhart, Jacob Lusk - good, sounded good together
Rachel Zevita - really good
Lauren Turner - very good
Tim Halperin, Julie Zorilla - very good
Lakeisha Lewis - very good voice
Kendra Chantelle, Paul McDonald - very good
Scotty McCreary - really good
Lauren Alaina- really good
Casey Abrams, Chris Medina - cool performance
Robbie Rosen - very good as usual

We finally get to see who stayed and who was going home. My thoughts...
My favorites moving onto the top 24...

Naima Adedapo - happy to see her make it, she has that IT factor with her image and voice
Haley Reinhart won me over
I'm a big fan of Karen Rodriguez and Robbie Rosen
I found Tatynisa Wilson cute but she's going to have to pick it up
I'm happy that Julie Zorilla, Rachel Zevita, Lauren Alaina, Stefano Langone, Jacob Lusk, Pia Toscano, James Durbin, Casey Abrams, Thia Megia and Brett Loewenstern all made it!! The girls are really strong this season!

I was sad to see Hollie Cavanagh not make it. Telling her that if she continues working and comes back next season that she can win it is nice but doesn't ease the sting of getting this far this season only to not make it. Hopefully she will try and get a chance next season.

We hadn't really seen Lakeisha Lewis before this week and the girl can sing. I hope she tries again next year as well.

I was sad to see Chris Medina not make it but he made some strange song choices that didn't work. If he can find who he wants to be as an artist, he can be very successful. He definitely has a lot going for him with his story and character as a person.

It was sad to see Colton Dixon and Jacee Badeaux lose out to Brett Loewenstern but either decision would've been sad with those 3 left and only 1 spot left open. I was happy to see Brett make it as I really like his personality and character but I think that Colton was the most talented of the 3. I really like Jacee but he still needs a little more work. I hope he and Colton come back next season.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

American Idol - Hollywood week finale

Tonight we got to see the final solos. Here are my thoughts on my favorites:

Haley Reinhart- sounded great
Ashton Jones- was bold, taking on dreamgirls
Thia Megia- great voice, great note choices
Sophia Shorai- really good voice, I really like her performing style
Carson higgins- crazy dude, good performance
Chris Medina- what did he do? :(
Julie Zorilla- played keys, sounded good
Brett Loewenstern- sounded good
Robbie Rosen- very good
Casey Abrams- He used an upright bass for his solo - that's bold and different! He has such a soulful voice! Very good!
Lauren Alaina- very good as usual
Jacob Lusk- crazy runs & such a great range, loved his performance & emotion

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

American Idol - Hollywood week - group night

Tonight we got the always interesting group round where we got to see how some people act and interact with others. Not always pretty. Here are my notes on tonight:

Tiffany Rios was arrogant with her solo and then was desperate to find group afterwards. I would like to think she learned a lesson but I don't know, she doesn't seem the type to admit mistakes. Not good.

Ashley Sullivan quits then is talked back into continuing. How can you try out for Idol, make it this far and then even think about quitting? Getting that far is a once in a lifetime opportunity, you have to make the most of it and not fold up under the pressure.

Jacee Badeuax was thrown out of his group but found a group with kind-hearted Brett Loewenstern. I was happy to see them in the same group. I didn't buy Clint Jun Gamboa's reason for ejecting Jacee from the group. Not one bit. :/

I was very disappointed by Jordan Dorsey's diva behavior and quitting on his team without any remorse. I know its a competition but it says a lot about him. :/

I can't believe Paris Tassin is out. She totally blew her part. :(

Thursday, February 10, 2011

American Idol - Hollywood week - Part 1

Finally we get to Hollywood week where we get to see how some of our favorites will do and get to meet some new singers that we haven't seen yet. Here are my thoughts on some of my favorites and what I thought of them making it to the next round or not:

Brett Lowenstern- yes!
Rachel Zevita, Thia Megia, Casey Abrams :)
Peppy Victoria Huggins - her melody let her down badly during her solo
Paris Tassin, James Durbin, Lauren Alaina :)
Teen USA Stormi Henley :(
Chris Medina :)
Jacee Badeaux, Robbie Rosen, Hollie Cavanaugh :)
Jacqueline Dunford :)
Scotty McCreary :)
Travis Orlando :(

168 move forward to the next round

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

American Idol auditions hit San Francisco

Here are my notes from the auditions in SF.

Stefano Langone- crazy story about an accident that Stefano had, he had the multiple huge scars to prove it! I found him very passionate and he had a really gd voice
Clint Jun Gamboa- interesting look, I found him somewhat annoying for some reason though. He has a good voice.
Julie Zorrilla- pretty girl, very gd voice
Emily Anne Reed - really interesting voice
James Durbin- amazing voice & range; very Adam Lambert like but he seems to have a better knack for when to use his range; could he be the winner?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

American Idol hits Los Angeles

Here are my notes for American Idol auditions from Los Angeles - with all the musicians and singers out there I was very surprised by the lack of great talent from there. At least that we were shown. The ones that we were shown were very good though.

Tim Halperin- good voice, smooth
Karen Rodriguez- myspace auditioner, very nice voice, I like her style
Heidi Khzam- very pretty, good voice
Brothers Mark & Aaron gutierrez- nice voices, Mark seemed to have the more potential of the two

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

American Idol hits Texas

These are my notes on the Texas auditions and singers that impressed me.

Corey Lovey- very nice voice
Hollie Cavanaugh- nice voice, too nervous, glad she got a chance to show her stuff in Hollywood. I hope she gets it together.
John Wayne Schulz- very good country voice, nice guy
Courtney Penry- too over the top with her personality, too schmoozy, had a good voice though. No need for all that other stuff unless she was just trying to stand out. You don't want to stand out for negative things though.
Jacqueline Dunford- very pretty, really good image, good voice
Nick Fink- boyfriend to Jacqueline, nice smooth voice
Janelle Arthur- nice girl, very nice voice
Casey abrams - good voice, I like his jazzy style of singing, very different