Sunday, May 18, 2008

America's Next Top Model crowns a new Cycle 10 winner!

Yes, I watch America's Next Top Model! Of course I do! LOL! I've watched every cycle of ANTM and this cylce's winner Whitney was a bold and brave choice by Tyra and the judges! I say bold and brave only because I totally applaud their decision to crown the plus-size (for modeling, in the real world her size 12 is pretty normal) Whitney the newest winner. It sends a great and healthy message to young girls everywhere that you don't have to starve yourself to make it in fashion and modeling. Whitney can be the role model that young girls can look up to and relate to in a real way. Kudos to Whitney and more kudos to Tyra and the judging panel on their progressive and open-minded choice.

American Idol gets down to the final 2!

I was happy to see Jason go. As much as I was a fan of his when this began, I have become that disappointed in him in recent weeks. He just doesn't seem to want a serious career. Even after being booted and doing the media rounds, he comes across as if he's not taking anything seriously. That's a shame because there are hundreds of thousands of other singers who would gladly step in his place and would take things seriously. I hope he shows some maturity and a real sense of priority to his music as he is talented and it'd be a shame to see him waste away this opportunity that has been given to him.

I was happy to see Syesha make it and do well this past week. Even though it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that she would be going home against the 2 Davids, she accounted well for herself and I hope and expect her to go on to big things with her music. Good luck Syesha!

So, it all comes down to the 2 Davids in the Finals. Not a surprise after contestants Carly and Michael were voted off. They were the serious threats to the Davids and their departures made the 2 Davids a lock IMO. Let's hope they both do better than this past week which was a bit underwhelming. I thought Syesha was the more solid of the 3 but even if she did perfect performances this week I think she still would've gone home with America voting for the more popular Davids.

I'm hoping that David Archuleta is the winner and I hope he has a great week this week. Simon and the Producers seemed to target David A. this week after news of his Dad being banned from the backstage area broke out. As bad as the Dad may be, the issue was taken care of and they shouldn't be taking it out on David A.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Top 4 go tonight

Yikes, been missing in action here! Doh! Sorry! Anyway, my thoughts on the last 2 weeks is that Brooke should've been gone after Broadway week. Carly should not have been sent home.

Jason should've gone last week, not Brooke. In last week's Entertainment Weekly they had an article on a week behind the scenes with the contestants and one of the revelations of the article was that Jason blew off rehearsal time to hang out with his brother and friend. Look, I know they miss their families, etc. but they are also in this to win, not to slack off now! Anyway, when the reporter asked Jason about it, he said he doesn't really care much anymore and that he's ready to go home at this point. Oh really? He's got it. There won't be another vote from this household for him. And just so you know, we take voting in this household seriously! LOL! My daughters vote after the show and they have done up to 300 votes for our past favorites such as Jordin and Carrie.

I'm hoping Syesha shines tonight so that Jason can go home as he's ready to.