Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The American Idol season 11 winner is...

Here we go, American Idol season 11 finale time! The top 12 opened the show with Bruno Mars "Runaway Baby". Very good but I kept expecting Bruno to come out to join them!

Phillip performed with John Fogerty of CCR, they did "Have you ever seen the rain" and "Black moon rising". Pretty cool.

Joshua sang "Take me to the pilot" by Elton John. Fantasia joined him on stage.

The top 12 girls sang "Ain't nobody", "Through the fire" and "I'm every woman" (which she joined them on) by Chaka Khan who looked and sounded great. She was the first in what was definitely a Diva night of performances.

Jessica and Phillip introduced their mentors and gave them cars! That must've been such a great feeling to be able to do that for someone who supported and influenced them so much. Then Ryan gave Jessica and Phillip keys for their own cars! Very cool.

Rihanna performed her new single "Where have you been?". She sounded and looked great as usual.

Skylar sang "Turn on the radio" with the one and only Reba. That was very cool and must've been an incredible moment for Skylar.

Jessica sang "I will always love you". Excellent.

The top 12 guys sang "Coming to America", "I'm a believer", "Sweet Caroline" (which he joined them on) by Neil Diamond.

The top 12 sang the phone book in response to a cliche Randy uses way too often as was evidenced by video clips from the season. Funny stuff!

JLo performed. Lil Jon was her DJ. Flo-Rida came out to rap, then Wisin y Yandel joined her to perform. Pretty cool.

Ryan brought former Idol contestants and current couple Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo on stage where Ace proposed to her. She said yes. That was very cool and sweet.

Hollie sang "You'll never walk alone". Jordin Sparks joined her on stage. They sounded amazing together.

The top 12 guys sang Bee Gees songs as a tribute to the recently departed Robin Gibb. Very nice, I like that they were able to put something together so nice on such short notice.

Jessica sang "And I am telling you" with Jennifer Holliday. OMG, what a powerhouse performance!! They brought the house down. Jessica was able to not only hang with the incredible Ms. Holliday but she looked impressed with the young Jessica. The sky is the limit for Jessica with the right songs.

Aerosmith finally performed.

Jessica and Phillip sang "Up where we belong". They sounded very good together. Very appropriate lyrics for the moment.

Winner announcement time! I am a Jessica fan and wanted her to win since the first show with the top 12 but I knew Phillip's single was much stronger and that a girl hadn't won since Jordin. Both thanked the fans. The winner is Phillip.

As much as a fan I am of Jessica's and can't wait what she does on her debut album, I must say that I admire all Phillip was able to do considering his health issues and all the pain he was enduring all season. He tried to sing his single but when the confetti started coming down, it all seemed to hit him and hit him hard. It was so touching to see him just leave the stage and go to his parents in what was a proud and touching moment for both he and his family. Congrats Phillip! Can't wait to see what you do and what music you'll bring us but first, go and get well Mr. American Idol!! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

American Idol - the Final 2 sing

The show begins and we see how big the place is and how nice the stage is. It certainly has that big time, big moment feel.

Once again we'll have 3 rounds of singing for Jessica and Phillip. The first round is a song that Idol Producer Simon Fuller picks:
We are told that Phillip won the coin toss and has opted to go second. Smart move since this guarantees that he closes the show and leaves that very important last impression.

Simon Fuller had Jessica sing "I have nothing" by Whitney. Excellent start for Jessica. Simon had Phillip sing "Stand by me". Not really a powerhouse song for Phillip to show his style but it is something different for Phillip to show. It was very nice although a little bland. The judges felt Jessica won round 1. I agree

Jason Derulo performed. Good to see him performing and without his neck brace.

Round two was up next and it was the contestants favorite song of the season. Jessica sang "The Prayer" by Celine Dion. Excellent as usual. Phillip sang "Moving out" by Billy Joel. Not the best song choice at this point but it's probably the one he felt he got the best critique for. Steven felt that Jessica won this round. JLo felt Phillip won this round and Randy felt it was a tie. That was rather typical of the judges to try to make things seem more even. I felt Jessica won this round as well.

The last round was the contestants singing what will be their first single. Jessica sang her single "Change Nothing". It was not what I expected, it was not the best song or the best song to show off her tremendous vocals. I think she was let down by whoever picked this song for her at this important moment. Hopefully her management and record label will do a better job of getting her songs for her debut album. It started slow but I think people will be able to relate to the lyrics. The judges didn't like the song either but felt she made something out if it.

Phillip sang his single "Home". Very different from what I expected but very good. Much better song choice for his voice. Judges gave him a standing ovation, loved it. Not only do I think Phillip won this final round but I think his single may have just won him the show. We'll find out tomorrow!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

American Idol - The top 2 are revealed

Well, tonight we found out who the Final 2 are!

Joshua was called up first.
Iovine liked the first song, gave it a 8. Felt he did too much with Imagine. Oversang it. Felt he didn't have enough melody with the last song. Felt he never had a moment last night.

Lisa Marie Presley performed.

Jessica was called up next.
Iovine didn't think the first song was big enough to be a moment for her. Felt the Aerosmith song still wasn't big enough for her. He took blame and felt he made a mistake giving her the right parts to sing with the Jackson 5 song. She reminds him of MJ and he can see her singing at the Grammys but she needs better songs.

Adam Lambert performed.

Phillip was called up last.
Iovine felt that he showed his style with the first song but didn't have a moment. Felt that the second song was boring. Felt that the last song was his best performance on Idol and last night's best performance.

Time for the the results!! Ryan told Jessica that she would be in the finale first, then he told Phillip he was in. Joshua was out. The AI finale will be between Jessica and Phillip!

I hope Joshua gets a good producer that reins him in a bit and gets some good songs that lets him really let his vocals shine. I am looking forward to seeing what Joshua does musically.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

American Idol - the Top 3 sing

Tonight's show was 3 songs for teh Top 3 to sing. The songs tonight would be a Judges pick, Contestants pick and Iovine would pick a song for them to sing.

Randy gave Joshua his pick. Sang Etta James "I'd rather go blind". He started off good but I didn't like it once he left his lower register tones. He just does too much sometimes for my taste.

JLo gave Jessica her pick. Sang Mariah Carey's "My all". She did some crazy notes that she hit in a very subdued manner. Very pretty.

Steven gave Phillip his pick. Gave him something to force him to sing with melody. Sang "Beggin'" by Madcon. Pretty good.

Jessica took round 1.

We saw Joshua go back home to Louisiana.

Round 2 with the contestants pick was up. Joshua picked to sing "Imagine" by John Lennon. Very nice.

We saw Jessica go back home to Chula Vista, CA.

Jessica picked to sing "I don't want to miss a thing" by Aerosmith. Fearless to sing that in front of Steven Tyler. Very nice arrangement. Very pretty.

We saw Phillip go back home to Murfreesboro, GA.

Phillip picked to sing "Disease" by Matchbox 20. Very cool groove to the arrangement and melody. I really liked it.

I gave round 2 to Phillip.

Time for round 3 with Iovine's picks. Iovine picked "No more drama" by Mary J Blige for Joshua to sing. Interesting song choice. Good performance.

Iovine picked "I'll be there" by the Jackson Five for Jessica to sing. Really good, loved the strength in her voice and the tone of her voice.

Iovine picked "We've got tonight" by Bob Seger for Phillip to sing. He sang it a little on the high side but I liked the vulnerability of it. Very very different for Phillip.

I gave round 3 barely to Jessica over Phillip.

The Top 3 are probably the best top 3 that Idol has ever had so there really are no losers with this group but if I had to pick who goes home tomorrow I would think Phillip over Joshua but I think Phillip has more fans and it will be Joshua who goes home tomorrow.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

American Idol - The top 3 revealed

The show opened with the top 4 singing "California Dreaming".

was called up first
Iovine felt that the first song showed Phillip as the artist he expects him to be. Felt he delivered completely with the second song.

Hollie was called up next.
Iovine felt the Journey song worked for her because of its over the topness. He felt she didn't understand the second song. I agree with him regarding the second song but not the first.

David Cook performed his new single.

was called up next.
Iovine felt that the first song didn't work for him. He felt it was too over the top. He would steer him away from doing songs like this on his album. He felt that the second song was amazing. I totally agree with Iovine.

Jessica was called up.
Iovine felt the first song was a little too much of the same with the growling? Really? But this isn't said to Joshua who screams and growls in practically every song? Felt she did everything in the second song flawlessly.

JLo performed.

The top 4 were brought up. Jessica was told she was safe, then Joshua was told he was safe, as was Phillip. As I expected, Hollie was eliminated. I really like Hollie and I think she has a lot of potential. With more experience on stage and life experience that she can draw from and put into the emotions of the songs she sings, I think she'll do just great with her career. I'll be following her career and hope to hear a lot from her in the future.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

American Idol - the Top 4 sing

Tonight was an interesting theme night. Songs about California (rather strange theme) and then a second song of songs they wish they wrote (which is kind of like the songs of their idols theme). With this theme night, it would seem that we would get an interesting night of singing and that's what we got.

Phil sang "Have you ever seen the rain" by CCR. Pretty good rendition.

Hollie sang "Faithfully" by Journey. Solid but didn't soar like this song needs to.

Joshua sang "You raise me up" by Josh Groban. That song is an amazing song and sung in a soul touching way by Josh Groban. The song was just too big for him although the ending was really cool.

Jessica sang "Steal away" by Etta James. Very good.

For this first round, Jessica easily was the best.

Phil and Joshua sang "This love" by Maroon 5. Very good!

Jessica and Hollie sang "Eternal Flame" by the Bangles. I love the original song but for a duet between two powerhouse voices it was a rather strange song choice. Interesting harmony choices. Randy found it strange, I agree with his critique.

The top 4 sang "Waiting for a girl like you" by Foreigner.

Next theme was the Idols singing songs they wish they wrote

Phil sang "Volcano" by Damien Rice. Very nice.

Hollie sang "I can't make you love me" by Bonnie Raitt. Good but didn't soar again. Just not enough emotion for what this song needs.

Joshua sang "This is a man's world" by James Brown. Best performance of the season for him.

Jessica sang "And I am telling you" by Jennifer Holliday. Amazing performance.

Jessica won round 2 as well with Joshua a close second.

I don't know if there'll be a bottom 2 but with the contestants that are left and after tonight's performances and critiques, I expect Hollie to go home tomorrow. :(

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Voice Season 2 winner is...

The show opened with Jermaine Paul, James Massone, Pip and Jamar Rogers singing "I want you back". They sounded really good. Almost boy band like. Almost. Lol.

Juliet Simms performed with Flo Rida.

Chris Mann, Lindsey Pavao and Katrina Parker sang "Bittersweet Symphony". The mix of their voices was interesting.

Hall and Oates performed "Rich girl". Jermaine, Tony and Chris sang backup.

Cheesa, Kim Yarbrough, Naia Kete and Sera Hill sang "Superstitious". Sounded really good.

Juliet, Erin Willet, Jamar Rogers and RaeLynn sang "I get by with a little help from my friends".

Lady Antebellum performed their song "Wanted you more".

Tony and Jordis sang "Go your own way". Sounded very good together.

Justin Bieber performed.

The Final 4 spoke on what it all means to them which was cool to hear and see.

Results time!! Who would win? Chris Mann was announced in 4th place?! I found that shocking but not surprising since I had thought that Xtina's attitude towards contestant Tony Lucca might affect votes towards Chris. Unfortunately it seems that's what happened because Chris, although not as mainstream as the others, should not have been 4th. Tony Lucca was announced in 3rd place. So it was between Jermaine Paul and Juliet Simms. You could see how much it meant to both of them. Then Juliet Simms was announced in 2nd place, Jermaine Paul is The Voice Season 2 winner!! Congrats to Jermaine! He fulfilled his dream of no longer being a backup singer. It was a wonderful moment to see. I'll be looking forward to hearing more from this humble winner.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Voice finale - the Final 4 sing!

This is it, the Voice finale. The contestants last chance to sing for America's votes so they had to let it all go tonight and they did.

Jermaine Paul was up first and sang "I believe I can fly" by R. Kelly. I love that he let's his passion show. I can totally relate to him through his passion. Great song choice. Wonderful performance. He felt it and it showed.

Carson told us that we would see tributes from the artists to their coaches throughout the night which I felt was a really cool touch. Juliet sang "Crazy" for Cee Lo. Sounded great and confident, looked great.

Chris Mann dueted with Xtina to sing "The Prayer" by Andrea Bocelli & Celine Dion. Amazing performance!!

Tony Lucca sang "99 problems" by Jay Z. Interesting song choice. Pretty cool performance. Xtina seemed offended by the song choice and felt it was inappropriate for the show. I agree with her but her cattiness towards him throughout the season probably didn't make anyone see her point. Her interactions with Tony have been an un-necessary distraction all season and it could wind up hurting her artist.

Chris Mann sang Xtina's "The Voice Within" as his tribute to her. I loved his letter of thanks written to her in the background video wall as he sang. I think that was very sweet and open.

Juliet and Cee Lo sang "Born to be wild" by Steppenwolf. Pretty cool performance.

Adam and Tony dueted by singing "Yesterday" by the Beatles. I really liked it.

As a tribute to his coach Blake, Jermaine sang Blake's "God gave me you". Very nice performance.

Chris Mann sang "You raise me up" by Josh Groban. Perfect song for him! Loved the choir. Xtina was so proud that she was moved to tears.

Blake and Jermaine dueted with "Soul Man" by the Blues Brothers. Pretty cool performance, they had fun.

Tony Lucca sang "Harder to breathe" as tribute to Adam. Sounded good.

Juliet sang "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd to end the show. Nerves may have gotten to her. It wasn't her best performance but it was still good.

I think this is between Juliet and Chris but who knows how much impact the Xtina/Tony Lucca drama will have on votes for Chris? Should be an interesting Finale results show!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

American Idol gets down to the Top 4

Results night, time to find out who the Top 4 are!

Joshua was called up first.
Iovine felt the first song was very good but the second song was amazing.
Joshua is safe.

Coldplay performed.

Hollie and Phillip were called up next.
Iovine felt Hollie did really good with the first song and thought her second song was competent, even though if she released it now it could be a hit. So why was it just competent?!? Felt Phillip was bland yesterday and has been coasting. Although he does say that as sick as he's been he's impressed with how strong he's been when most would quit. I knew it had to do with his health, his earlier performances had been better than last night.
Hollie was in the bottom 2, Phillip was safe

Carrie Underwood performed "Blown away" from her new album.

Skylar and Jessica were called up last.
Iovine felt Skylar did really good with her first song but the second song wasn't great. He felt she needs to have another moment. Felt Jessica's second song was perfect but that the first song was too racy for her age. Felt the stylists are letting her down.

Coldplay performed again.

The bottom 2 were Skylar and Hollie. Hollie made it through again. Skylar was eliminated.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Skylar will do in the future. I think she's got a really nice career ahead of her.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

American Idol takes on the 60s & BritPop

Tonight's theme on AI was the Idols taking on the 60s and also BritPop songs. which is kind of strange since I don't think we'll see the Idols doing these styles with their careers. Anyhow, Lil Steven was this week's mentor

Hollie sang "River deep, mountain high" by Ike n Tina Turner. She sounded great.

Phillip sang "The Letter" by The Box Tops. I didn't like the arrangement he came up with for such a classic song.

Skylar sang "Fortunate Son" by CCC. She rocked it! Love her energy.

Joshua and Phillip sang "You've lost that loving feeling" by The Righteous Brothers. Joshua totally blew away Phillip in vocals and performance. I wonder if Phillip's health issues are really starting to show in his performances?

Jessica sang "Proud Mary" by Ike n Tina Turner. Great performance! Randy didn't like it in comparison to Tina but JLo was correct in saying that this is about her journey.

Joshua sang "Ain't too proud to beg" by The Temptations. Was good but I found him screaming too much.

After the 60s round, I give round 1 as a draw between Skylar and Jessica.

Time for the BritPop! Hollie started if off and sang "Bleeding love" by Leona Lewis. Sounded great. She's really picking it up when she needs to.

Phillip sang "Time of the season" by the Zombies. Except for his faces, he was really laid back and good in this song.

Jessica, Hollie and Skylar sang "Your love keeps lifting me higher" by Jackie Wilson.

Skylar sang "You don't have to say you love me" by Dusty Springfield. Really good!

Jessica sang "You are so beautiful" by Joe Cocker. Cheesy setting but very nice vocals.

Joshua sang "To love somebody" by the Bee Gees. Really good especially the beginning.

I give the BritPop round 2 as a draw between Joshua and Hollie.

Everyone was really good tonight except for Phillip who was solid but not at his best which I suspect is because of his health. If I had to pick a bottom 2 based on tonight though it would be Phillip and Joshua with Phillip going home BUT I think Hollie is being poised to go next. I don't see the judges showing her the support that the others are getting so we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

The results are in! The Voice Final 4 are set!

The show opened with last season's contestant Dia Frampton performing her single.

Xtina's artists Chris Mann and Lindsey Pavao were up first. Xtina split her 100 points to give her artists down the middle with a score of 50/50.
Along with America's share of votes, Chris won by a 104-96 vote. Chris will represent Team Xtina in the finals.

Vicci Martinez and Cee Lo performed her new single.

Adam's artists Tony Lucca and Katrina Parker were up next. Adam split his vote 60/40 in Tony's favor. Tony won by a 108-92 vote to represent Team Adam in the finals.

Beverly McClellan & Cyndi Lauper performed.

The Voice season 1 winner Javier Colon performed his single.

Blake's artists Erin Willet and Jermaine Paul were up next. Blake split his vote 50/50. Jermaine won by a 123-77 vote to represent Team Blake in the finals.

Cee Lo's artists Jamar Rogers and Juliet Simms were up last. Cee Lo split his vote 60/40 in Juliet's favor. Juliet won by 121-79 vote to represent Team Cee Lo in the finals.

Very full show. It had performances, strategy and lots of drama! It's a good Final 4. Can't wait to see the performances and to see who wins!