Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rock of Ages rocked me!

My oldest daughter bought my wife and I tickets to see "Rock of Ages" on Broadway to celebrate our anniversary today. As everyone knows, I love 80s hard rock and hair metal so I was really looking forward to the play. We had to endure a freak snowstorm to get there but it was awesome. I won't spoil the plot of the play for anyone who might want to see it but I will say that if you like the music of that era, you will love this play!

One thing that I took away from the play besides all the amazing and talented singers/actors in the play and the great live music being played, is how the songs were used within the play. It reinforced to me of the power of music and how a song can be one thing to someone and something different to someone else based on what is going on within their lives. There was one moment where Poison's (my favorite band from that era!) song "Every rose has its thorn" was used and it was sung by about 5 or so different characters from the play, all with very different storylines. It was so cool to see how the song applied to each of them and their situations. The power of music. Such a wonderful thing.

St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series!

As you all know, I'm a diehard Mets fan but what many don't know is that the Cardinals are my second favorite team. I'm a huge fan of Pujols (I hope he stays with the Cards) and he is my favorite player outside of my Mets. David Wright is my favorite current Mets player. Mike Piazza is my favorite all-time Met, along with Tom Seaver.

Anyway, this is about the Cardinals who just won the World Series in dramatic fashion. This was such a great World Series with some of the most competitive games in the history of the Series. The Cards just wouldn't quit and were a team of destiny against a very strong Rangers team. Congrats to the Cardinals, the city of St. Louis and to the fans of the Cardinals (some of baseball's best and most devoted fans). Congrats to the 2011 Champions!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My latest reading material

I've recently revived my interest in astronomy, ancient history and ancient mysteries. I really like to learn about the past and the how and why of things, especially things that have yet to be explained even in this modern day and age. It's something I've always been interested in but haven't taken the time to read or explore further. Now though, I'm taking my spare time to read and journey through time and space. It's a wild ride!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Society's Soul on Twitter

My alt-rock band Society's Soul is now on Twitter at!

Follow and get to know about Society's Soul and what it's about. Also, get to know all the latest as it happens since I'll be headed into the studio soon! New single soon!

P.S. - Society's Soul is a separate project from what I'm doing solo as Mario M. (El Rockero)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Exclusive interview for WCR News subscribers!

I did an exclusive interview for my record label's newsletter that will be sent this Friday to all subscribers! Sign up now before Friday to get the interview! It takes less than a minute to sign-up for the monthly e-newsletter and it's free!

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