Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Voice: Blind auditions Night 2

Onto Night 2 of the Voice blind auditions!

First up we were shown Adriana Louise who sang Jessie J's "Domino". She is pretty and has a good voice. All turned. Xtina really liked her, she picked Xtina.

Next was Casey Muessigmann who sang "Sweet Home Alabama". Blake & Cee Lo turned. Went with Blake.

Next up was Aquile who sang one of my favorite songs of all-time, Elton John's "Your song". He has a very cool look and smooth voice. One of my favorites so far. All but Blake turned. Picked Xtina.

Next was Leann Rimes tour production coordinator Ryan Fogarty who sang "Tomorrow". He has a good voice. I was just as surprised to see that no one turned as I was to wonder why Leann hasn't helped him herself.

Next was Mackenzie Bourg who sang "Pumped up kicks". He has a cool vibe to his voice. I really like his voice. Cee Lo turned so he was on Team Cee Lo.

Last of the night was Julio Cesar Castillo who sang "La Bamba", the first contestant to do his audition entirely in Spanish which was very cool. Blake and Cee Lo turned. Went with Blake.

After 2 nights, Adam has 2 contestants. Blake has 4, Cee Lo has3 and Xtina has 4.

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