Thursday, September 13, 2012

X factor: Auditions night 2

I really enjoyed the first night of X Factor and was looking forward to night 2.

First up was Johnny Maxwell. He sang an original "All these people". It was a pretty good song! His vocals were ok but his rap style was passionate. He got 4 yes.

Next was Lexa Berman. Similar to The Voice's Domo, this over-confident, over the top singer calls herself a triple threat. She sang "Too close". She had rather average vocals. The judges didn't like her over-confidence. Only Simon gave a yes. There's nothing wrong with strong confidence in this business, in fact you need it! BUT, when that confidence spills over into conceit and over the top self-promotion then that's going to work against you more often than not. Hopefully a lesson learned for her.

Next up was Jason Brock. He was very confident and had an over the top, funny personality. This was confidence done right. He sang Billy Joel's "NY state of mind". It was a cabaret type performance BUT it was a very good cabaret style. There's a difference! He had really good vocals. LA loved him and he got 4 yes.

Up last and in this case the best was left for last was 13 year old Carly Rose Sonenclar. She is cute and was very nervous backstage. She said she was going to sing "Feeling good". LA was like uh oh since that's a grown up song and you need serious vocals. Something told me she'd be good however for having the guts to pick that song. Holy crap. What a mature voice. I knew she'd be good but I wasn't expecting her to be GREAT!! A star was definitely born. She got a standing O from everyone including backstage. She obviously got 4 yes. Great way to end the show.

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