Thursday, September 13, 2012

The X factor: Season 2 Night 1

I DVR'd and just finished watching the X Factor for the first time. I really liked it. I didn't watch the first season because those of you who have read through my blog know that I'm not a fan of Simon and his critiquing style but with the additions of Britney Spears and Demi Lovato I and my family had to watch. I'm glad we did watch it because I really love them as judges. Simon even seems to be a little softer... so far.

First up was nursing student Paige Thomas. She is very pretty and it's a shame that she was putting her dream aside and just working instead. I understand it but so many talented people let their dreams fade instead of pursuing them. I'm glad she auditioned. She has a great image and voice. She sang "I'm going down". She got all 4 judges to say yes.

Next was 50 year old baggage handler Shawn Armenta. Said he was a singer/dancer and sang his own song "Candy girl". Got a no from all 4 judges and then got nasty with the judges. It seems he needs to handle his own baggage! Lol.

We got to see clips of Britney and how she's a no nonsense judge. I like it!

Next was 13 year old Reed Deming. Although he didn't seem to like being compared to Justin Bieber, he sure was trying to be compared to him. BTW, being compared to a super successful singer is never a bad thing. Just saying. Anyway, he sang Bruno Mars' "It will rain". Simon asked for the song to be stopped, asked for him to do a new song. He sang "Grenade". Decent voice but seems to imitating too much. He got all 4 judges to give him a yes.

Next up was Kaci Newton. She was very insecure which is already going to hurt her performance. Her makeup was way overdone. Too pageant-ish. Sang Katy Perry's "Firework" with her own unique flair and style. It was not good. Simon gave his critique and she began to sing again! Why do contestants do this? She got a no from all 4 judges.

Next up was flamboyant Quatrele Da'an Smith who showed up in a bridal veil and heels. I didn't expect him to be good. He sang Lady Gaga's "Born this way". He was good!! It all worked together once he began singing. He got a yes from all except LA Reid who didn't seem to get him and said no.

Next was former boy band member Vincent Thomas. He sang Elton John's "Sorry seems to be the hardest word". Bad song choice. All the judges told him no.

Next up was the male trio Emblem 3 who sang their original song "Sunset Blvd". Very good! They got 4 yes.

Next was Don Philip who sang 10 years ago with Britney who remembered him. He was saying this was his last chance at trying to make it. When asked what he was doing the past 10 years, he broke down. It was sad to see. I really felt for him. He sang "Halo". Not a good song choice at all. Britney looked very uncomfortable and sad listening to him and knowing she would have to give him a no. He got a no from all the judges. It was just heartbreaking to see. He was totally distraught backstage at having "hurt" Britney. I felt so bad for him. I hope he can deal with this somehow and move on with his life. I also hope he never ever stops working at his dream and music. He may not make it as a singer but maybe he can apply his passion to producing or making music for others. I wish him luck.

Next up was Jennel Garcia. She's a sweet girl with a nice look. She sang Grace Potter's "Oh la la". She has a very good voice and when the music began that sweet girl turned into a different person! Very good performer. She got 4 yes.

Last up was Jillian Jensen. She had a rough upbringing with being bullied in schools to the point that she's still traumatized and unable to let go the pain she felt. She sang Jessie J's "Who you are". She let all that pain out in the lyrics and in her voice. She was crying, the judges were crying (well Demi sure was!), the audience was crying. She got a standing ovation from the audience, judges and everyone backstage. Demi went up to the stage and gave her a hug and pep talk. Demi let her know she's been there and that she'll be ok. I've always liked Demi but seeing her do that really made me like her more. That was a nice tender moment, there was nothing contrived or fake about it. Kudos to Demi. Jillian was vindicated in front of all those bullies that put her and her music down as she got a yes from all 4 judges. What an emotional way to end the show!

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