Monday, September 10, 2012

The Voice is back! Blind auditions night 1

The Voice is back! Season 3 and all 4 coaches are back. Christina, Adam, Cee Lo & Blake. I feel the turnaround for Season 3 from Season 2 was too fast but I guess NBC is trying to milk all they can out of the show and while they still have these coaches. It must be hard on the coaches who are in the middle of projects and have to work around them to honor their commitments to the Voice. Anyway, Season 3 has begun and I'm watching...

Once we got past the usual Coach introductions, we got to Night 1 of the blind auditions. I always look forward to this part not only because it's our first glimpse at the contestants but also because I love to see the coaches trying to woo the contestants to be on their teams.

The first contestant we saw was Terry McDermott who sang The Who's "Baba O'Reilly". He was very good. Adam, Cee Lo & Blake all turned at the last second. He went with Blake.

Next was De'borah who sang Train's "Hey soul sister". She had a real androgynous look which was interesting visually. Her voice also had an androgynous tone to it. She had a really cool vibe and good vocals. She was a really good performer. Xtina and Cee Lo turned. She picked Xtina, quoting trusting her "voice within" which I immediately knew meant that the song and Xtina meant a lot to her. She confirmed as much backstage. That must be cool to have a song mean so much to you and then get to work with that artist. I'm happy for her.

Next was Gracia Harrison who sang "I want to be a cowboy's sweetheart". All except Xtina turned. Very good singer. Great yodeler. She went with Blake.

Next was Garrett Gardner. He's 16 year old and dedicated his performance and career to his late dad which I found touching. He sang "Have you ever seen the rain?". Very good voice. I was surprised and disappointed for him when no one turned.

Next was Devyn Deleora who sang Xtina's "Ain't no other man" which was daring. I thought she had a good voice but felt it needs some work. Xtina, Adam, Blake turned. She went with the obvious choice Xtina.

Next was Bryan Keith who sang Bruno Mars' "It will rain". I really liked the cool tone to his raspy voice. All turned. Picked Adam.

Next was returning contestant Daniel Rosa. He sang his own interesting version of Gotye's "Somebody that I used to know". This time, Cee Lo and Blake turned. He was shocked that they remembered him. Went with Cee Lo.

Next was Anita Antoinette who sang "No woman, no cry" by Bob Marley. She had a very cool vibe to her voice. I was surprised that no one turned. Adam and Cee Lo told her this song has to be felt, not sung. She asked if she could sing it acapella and then rocked it. Got a standing ovation from everyone, so she had her moment but unfortunately it didn't change her fate. She was so upset afterwards.

Next was Joe Kirkland who sang The All American Rejects' "Gives you hell". He has an interesting rock voice. Adam & Blake turned. Picked Adam.

Next was Jessica Sharpe who sang "Son of a preacher man". She showed a good solid voice. No one turned.

Last contestant of the night was Trevin Hunte who sang "Listen". In his backstory, we heard him tell us that he was denied getting into a performing arts school because he needed 4 teacher referrals and one of his teachers refused to give him a referral and even had told him he'd never make it. IMO, that's vile. A teacher should encourage dreams and show the student towards whatever potential they have, not the opposite. He has an amazing voice. All turned except Adam. Cee Lo won him to his team.

It was a good first night for the Voice.

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