Monday, September 17, 2012

The Voice: Blind auditions Night 4

Night 4 of the blind auditions and the teams are starting to shape up!

First up was 17 year old Melanie Martinez. She has an interesting look, very cute. She performed an acoustic version of Britney Spears' "Toxic" while playing a tambourine between her feet. That was cool! She has a very cool modern voice and she made great note choices. I really like her. Blake, Adam and Cee Lo turned. Went with Adam.

Next was the creator of the Cupid shuffle, Cupid himself! He decided that he would sing his song because he felt that song that was his one hit had put him in a box. So then why do it? I still don't understand all the logic by this questionable song choice of his. If you want to prove you're more than the song, then show it by doing something else. It was also a weird song choice to do on a vocal competition show. No one turned. Cee Lo immediately knew who he was and questioned why he would do that song. He asked him to sing something else. He did and showed he could sing. Just a poor song choice. I had never heard his song before so if he went on there for some self promotion of his song, then good job!

Next was Brian Scartocci who sang Stevie Wonder's "Isn't she lovely". He's a single dad of 2 kids which I can relate to as I was a single Dad for 4 years. I always like to see fathers being fathers to their children. Although it sounds like that's what the norm should be, in this day and age unfortunately its not. Broken homes and lack of parental figures are the root of so many issues in society nowadays, it's sad. Anyway, he has a very nice voice. Blake, Adam, Cee Lo turned. Chose Adam.

Next up were Husband and wife duo Beat Frequency who sang Katy Perry's "ET". They have an interesting sound and good harmonies. Only Xtina turned.

Next was Tyler Lillestol who sang Usher's "U got it bad". It was only ok. No one turned.

Next was Liz Davis who sang Gretchen Wilson's "Here for the party". She has a good look and strong vocals. Adam, Xtina and Blake turned. Blake unashamedly used his ACM award to recruit her. Went with Blake.

Next up was Alaskan Youtube sensation Jr Aquino. He sang Bruno Mars' "Just the way you are". He was a little shaky with his notes from being nervous I think. Xtina, Adam and Cee Lo turned. Chose Cee Lo.

Next was Agina Alvarez who sang "Turn the beat around". She mentioned in her backstory profile that she had been signed twice before. She was looking for a third time? What happened with the other two? Most artists are lucky to ever be offered even once. Her voice was very dark and her vocal performance was way too over the top. As Xtina said, she started out at 10 and stayed there, there was no color to her vocal performance. No one turned.

Next was Nicholas David who sang "Stand by me". Very cool voice. Only Cee Lo turned.

Next was 17 year old LaGuardia Performing Arts High School student (local NY girl!) Alessandra Guercio who sang Miley Cyrus' "The Climb". She has pretty good vocals and a good look. Adam and Cee Lo turned. Chose Adam.

We were shown some other singers. Adam, Blake and Xtina each got one.

Last of the night was 16 year old Avery Wilson who sang David Guetta's "Without you". In his backstory profile we were shown how supportive his Dad has been in guiding him to pursue music because he believes in his talent. I could relate to that as I always push my daughters to pursue their dreams and develop their talents. He was very good! All turned. Chose Cee Lo.

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